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Tina Vilsbøll 


Head of Clinic at Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


Tina Vilsbøll is a Clinical Professor and Head of Clinic at Steno Diabetes Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has been involved in diabetes research since 1997 and in 2004 she established the Center for Diabetes Research at Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, now part of Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen. Her research is focused on the pathophysiology of obesity, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes (with a specific focus on insulin, glucagon and incretin hormones), regulation of appetite and food intake, and the utilisation of incretins as therapeutics. Integration of the gut in the understanding of human glucose metabolism has become a major focus in her lab over recent years.

She has more than 300 scientific publications (H-index 64) and several published books and book chapters. Professor Vilsbøll is a frequently invited speaker at national and international meetings. Professor Vilsbøll is an experienced teacher and supervises several PhD and medical students conducting diabetes research.

In addition to her teaching and research posts, Professor Vilsbøll is a member of numerous professional societies and committees, and referees for several international journals. 

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CVD and Type 2 Diabetes: Navigating Therapeutic Boundaries in GLP-1 RA Use
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Learning objectives

  • Describe the burden of ASCVD in type 2 diabetes
  • Assign risk of future CV events to individuals with type 2 diabetes
  • Identify appropriate patients for GLP-1 RA therapy based on clinical trial outcome data to reduce ASCVD risk
  • Recall trial data of anti-diabetes medications that reduce ASCVD risk
  • Recall the pleiotropic effects of GLP-1 RAs and how these may impact CV outcomes
  • Describe how early adoption of anti-diabetes therapies with proven CV benefit can positively influence QOL
  • Adopt anti-diabetic therapies with proven ASCVD benefit
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